Carbon- Google’s new alternative for C++ 2022 | Is it better?

Carbon is a general-purpose programming language developed by Google to be a “C++ successor language.” Chandler Carruth initially revealed it to the public in July 2022 at the CppNorth conference.

Carbon -Google's Programming Language - - zoligeeks

Carbon was launched by Google Principal Software Engineer Chandler Carruth at the “CPP North” C++ conference in Toronto. The goal of this new in-development programming language is to convert C++ codebases more efficiently than Rust. According to experts, Rust lacks the same bidirectional interoperability as other tools, which creates a form of language barrier when translating between programming languages.

Based on our knowledge of C++’s limitations and our expertise with generics and inheritance, we were able to successfully address a number of the most difficult technical language design problems we had expected. We have preliminary designs for class types, inheritance, operator overloading, syntactic and lexical structure, and modular code organization in addition to those two domains. We want to finish the initial 0.1 language design by the end of 2022, while there are several factors that might affect that date. Details may be found in our roadmap.

Google’s Long-Term Relationship with Programming Languages

We are aware of Google’s fixation with releasing new programming languages and developing new frameworks. Dart was an object-oriented, web-based programming language that Google introduced as one of their programming languages.

The Dart programming language had little support from developers, and as a result, it was never considered a popular programming language. Due of their solid backgrounds, C++ and JavaScript are preferred by many programmers over Dart.

One programming language called GO became quite popular among developers. Statically typed and explicit, GO or GoLang. It was a General-purpose programming language, much like the C computer language.

Currently, Google is getting ready to introduce a new programming language called Carbon.

Carbon -Google's Programming Language - -zolidgeeks
Go -Google's Programming Language - -zolidgeeks
Carbon -Google's Programming Language - -zolidgeeks

What is a General-purpose programming language (GPL) ?

A general-purpose programming language (GPL) in computer software is a programming language meant to be used for developing software in a wide range of application areas, across a wide range of hardware configurations and operating systems. In principle, a GPL software can execute on a single processor or across a network. A domain-specific programming language, which is meant to be utilized inside a certain area, such as querying databases, is the inverse of a general-purpose programming language. SQL, for example, was created to query databases.

What are C++ and its purposes for using it?

C++, or “C with Classes,” is a general-purpose programming language developed by Danish computer scientist Bjarne Stroustrup as an expansion of the C programming language.

What makes Carbon superior than others?

Carbon’s introducer keywords and simple grammar make it more appropriate than Rust. Carbon’s unction input parameters are read-only, whereas pointers allow for indirect access and modification. The writer can name types using expressions, and the package is the root namespace. The user can also import APIs by specifying their package name. The explicit object parameter in Carbon specifies a method with a single inheritance. There are further advantages that go beyond Carbon’s language, such as ethical motivations such as the project’s accessibility and inclusion.

Carbon -Google's Programming Language

What is Rust – Programing Language?

Rust is a general-purpose, multi-paradigm programming language. Rust places a premium on speed, type safety, and concurrency. Rust maintains memory safety—that is, that all references point to valid memory—without the need of a garbage collector or reference counting, which are required in other memory-safe languages.

Rust-Google's Programming Language - -zolidgeeks

More information about the Carbon programing language

First appeared19 July 2022; 8 days ago
Preview release0.1 / 19 July 2022; 8 days ago
Typing disciplineStatic, nominative, partially inferred
Implementation languageC++
Filename extensions.carbon, .co2

Say “Hello, World!” to Carbon

package sample api;    
fn Main() -> i32 {
    Print("Hello, World!");
    return 0;

Goals of Carbon Programming Language

  • Performance-critical software
  • Software and language evolution
  • Code that is easy to read, understand, and write
  • Practical safety and testing mechanisms
  • Fast and scalable development
  • Modern OS platforms, hardware architectures, and environments
  • Interoperability with and migration from existing C++ code

Carbon could be the next step in the evolution of software and computer languages. Code that is simple to develop and read will receive most of Carbon’s attention.

The carbon programming language will also be a quick and flexible language to build. All current OS environments and platforms will be supported by it.

Additionally, it will feature an enhanced testing system for complex sorts of code that is realistically safe. The primary objective of the Carbon programming language would similarly be one that is performance-critical.

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